Dr Claire Hanley


Room: Vivian Tower 802
Email:  C.J.Hanley@swansea.ac.uk


I’m fascinated by the human brain and my research has centred on modulating and measuring neural activity. I have a particular interest in plasticity and how the mechanisms involved in attention develop as part of the ageing process. As a former Swansea graduate, I’m excited to be back where my interest in Psychology initially developed.

Outside of research, I have an interest in fashion and own far too many shoes. My hobbies include going for long walks, attempting to keep fit, baking, and spending lazy afternoons watching the world go by with a good cup of coffee.

To find Claire, go to the 8th floor of Vivian Tower, walk through the double doors and turn right. Then turn right again at the corner and walk down the corridor. Claire’s office is the second from last door on the left.

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