DAY 05 – Bucket List for Fresher’s at Swansea University/Rhestr Bucket ar gyfer Fresher’s ym Mhrifysgol Abertawe.

What are those key experiences for every Swansea University student? Here is our Bucket list of things you should do before leaving Swansea.

Beth yw’r profiadau hanfodol hynny i bob myfyriwr ym Mhrifysgol Abertawe? Dyma ein Rhestr Bucket o bethau y dylech eu gwneud cyn gadael Abertawe

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1. Go down to the Gower, it’s a beautiful place. Make the most of it! Have beach trips with your friends or just wonder along the cliffs, you can see amazing views and enjoy the sandy beaches.

2. Visit Verdi’s or Joe’s – you will soon know which ice cream is your favourite.

3. Go down to the historic mumbles pier, where you can play traditional arcade games and get a lovely view out over the sea.

4. Go to the tallest building in Wales for a drink or dinner. Not only is it a nice restaurant but you’re also given some fantastic views over Swansea and the sea. A great place to take your parents!

5. Order a takeaway at a silly time in the morning! This is a great way to bond with friends over Pizza or Chinese or whatever you fancy, plus its the ultimate university experience! At no other time in your life will you be able to get away with it!

6. If there is an activity you love, there is probably a Society for it. Get involved! It’s a great way to make friends that have common interests to you, plus if there isn’t a society for it, you can always start one!

7. University is the place to try out all those things you’ve wanted to but never got around to. Like Ultimate Frisbee or Archery or even Quidditch!

8. Handing in an Essay early! This can be a rewarding experience, although sometimes difficult to achieve, you’ll be able to sit back and relax whilst other course mates stress over an essay you’ve already handed in.

9. Bonfire on the Beach – Or a BBQ – though please take everything home with you. SU does not recommend Bonfires during freshers week.

10. Visit Uplands dinner for breakfast! This is an all day kind of breakfast and can be a hangover cure or just a Saturday morning treat. It’s not to be missed, and you can be sure to run into someone you know!