Day 06/ Dydd 06: A weekend day in the life of a student/ Diwrnod penwythnos ym mywyd myfyriwr.

As important as it is to study at university, it’s also important to have a good social life. Here is an example of what a Saturday/Sunday at University might look like

10am – Wake up, have breakfast or continue to lie in

12pm – After a chilled wake up time, maybe meet up with some friends for lunch and a stroll down to the beach

Some friends and I spending the afternoon at the beach

3pm – Spend the afternoon with friends chilling at the beach, or go into town to do your weekly shop and pick up a few other things. If it’s raining you spend the afternoon watching TV or DVDs with friends.

7pm – Maybe go out for a meal with your flatmates or course mates, or just have a chilled evening in, watch a movie and order some pizza.

Some friends and I out for a meal in Swansea

11pm – Stay up late into the night or early morning chatting to friends and just chilling out, maybe squeezing in a bit of work if you have a deadline coming up!