DAY 09/Dydd 09 – Meet the Key Team/ Y Prif Dîm

Here is a list of the key team in the psychology department, if you have any issues while you’re studying here these are the people that you need to go to for help (although your first call should be to your academic mentor).

Professor Paul Bennet – Head of Department/Pennaeth yr Adran

Room: Vivian Tower 808a/ Ystafell Tŵr Vivian 808a


I have actually worked at Swansea University twice: first as a professor and head of the local clinical psychology services, and then as a full time professor. I have also worked at Cardiff and Bristol Universities, and in the NHS as a clinical psychologist over my career. I became head of Department early last year. It is an expanding and ambitious department, but also a happy and caring department, with approachable and supportive staff.  I am very glad that so many students will be joining this community in September, and I am sure all will have a very enjoyable time here and will be proud of their department and University, which are now highly ranked in the UK on many measures.

My own teaching and research areas of health and clinical psychology have been strongly supported by working with both undergraduate and post-graduate students. In fact one area of research interest, how men monitor and control expression of sexual attraction, was initially sparked by a student, Muireann O’Donnell, wanting to explore these issues. Since then, we have published a number of research papers in this area, including one conducted by a student in Bulgaria. Students have also been intimately involved in research we have published on how people cope (or struggle to cope) following a traumatic health event (a blood clot on the lung).  As with our work on sexual attraction, students have both contributed to, and been authors on, research papers we have published on these areas, including one in the British Medical Journal (Open). Students involved in this work have also gone on to study for a master’s degree and PhD. Other lecturers, of course, can tell similar success stories.

I look forward to meeting all our new students at the welcome weekend and at the induction week. I know you will have a wonderful and productive time here for three or more years.

Dr Stephen Johnston -Deputy Head of Department (Learning and Teaching)/ Dirprwy bennaeth (Dysgu ac Addysgu)

Room: Vivian Tower 808b/ Ystafell Tŵr Vivian 808b


Hi, I’m Steve, Deputy Head of Department and lead for learning and teaching. I previously worked at Bangor University in North Wales, and Brunel University in London.

My areas of interest are video gaming, for pleasure and as a research topic, and Cognitive Psychology more generally. I teach first year Cognitive Psychology, so I’ll see you all soon in that class.

Other than that I can be found on the 8th Floor of Vivian Tower, calmly awaiting Paul’s demise so I can grab his office and the top job! 😉


Dr Rob Lowe – Programme Director of Undergraduate Studies/

Cyfarwyddwr y Rhaglen

Room: 723 Vivian Tower/ Ystafell Tŵr Vivian 723



As the program director I work with the Heads of Years 1, 2, & 3 and the Student Reps to implement, develop and improve the undergraduate curriculum. We also assess and work to enhance the student experience, the facilities and learning outcomes.

Welcome to Swansea!

Twitter @VictoriaLovett

I’m Vicky Lovett and Head of Year 1.  In the event that your academic mentor is not available or cannot address your concerns, I am your port-of-call. Part of my role is to ensure that your first year runs smoothly.  Furthermore, if you ever have any feedback or issues you feel you’d like to discuss, you are welcome to come to me with them.

In terms of psychology, I am interested in development psychology, social and cognitive development in early childhood especially the determinants of imitation,but also emotional and cognitive development in the adolescent years. I also research the impact of video games – the photo of me is taken from Soapboxscience where I spoke about the impact of different types of video games on the brain. I will be teaching you in the first year of your degree on your Social and Developmental Psychology module.

Rydw i nawr yn dilyn fy nhrydydd cwrs Cymraeg, ond dyma’r cwrs cyntaf yn ne Cymru, felly mae’n teimlo ychydig yn wahanol. Os ydych yn siarad Cymraeg ac eisiau dod draw am sgwrs (neu i wneud hwyl am ben fy Nghymraeg dechreuwr), mae croeso ichi alw heibio.

 The Student Experience Team/Y Tîm Profiad Myfyrwyr

Eleanor Gregory, Bev Jones, Rachel Bird, and Emma Knight

Neither the staff or the students could survive without our Student Experience Team.

The team do a lot of the background work in the department for the staff but are also a front line for all student enquires. They will be sending you regular emails, telling you important information, advertising studies for students and making sure everything is running smoothly in the department. These are the people that you need to email if you have any queries about room changes, clashes in timetables, if you can’t make a practical or tutorial class, if you need to defer an exam for any reason and if you’re interested in helping out on open days.

To contact the team please email:

You will find out much more about the team and what they do tomorrow so please come back for Day 08 of Countdown!

 Library Team

Welcome to Swansea University!  We are your College of Human & Health Sciences Librarians and we are here to support you throughout your psychology degree.  We can help you with:

  • Finding materials in the library and on the web for your assignments

    Your librarians/Eich Llyfrgellwyr – Izzy, Elen, Susan, Stephen, Suzanne & Erika.
  • Help with referencing
  • Help finding specialist information such as data and statistics, tests and measures, and official publications.

You will see us in your Library induction in September but you can take a look before you arrive at our library support pages at

Ni yw eich Llyfrgellwyr ar gyfer Coleg y Gwyddorau Dynol ac Iechyd a gallwn eich helpu gyda’r canlynol:

  • dod o hyd i wybodaeth ar gyfer eich aseiniadau
  • dod o hyd i gyfnodolion
  • cyfeirnodi APA
  • meddalwedd llyfryddiaethol megis EndNote
  • dod o hyd i wybodaeth arbenigol fel data ac ystadegau, cyhoeddiadau swyddogol, traethodau hir ac estynedig.

Mae croeso i chi alw heibio’r llyfrgell, e-bostio neu drefnu apwyntiad i siarad â ni.

am fwy o wybodath

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