DAY 10 – Student Top Tips/ Dydd 10 Cynghorion Myfyrwyr

On today’s page you will find a list of 20 Top Tips for settling into University life/being a student compiled by our psychology students

1. There is a textbook package available, which will be a bit cheaper than other places. If you would like to order in advance please see the John Smith’s website. Also look out for book sales and ads from students in the third year selling their used books. It’s a great way to save some money. You can also borrow from the library but be organised, if you leave it too near an essay deadline they will all be out on loan.


2. Get involved in as many societies and activities as you can, you never know what you might enjoy until you give it a go. Lots of societies run taster sessions for you to try for free – some are listed here but there will be many more at the Freshers fair – check out the Student Union Page for more information.

14256810_10154397358980396_895854317_n3. Make sure you get to know people on your course and make friends with other psychology students – it’s good to have friends that can give you notes if you miss a lecture or to support each other with projects and coursework

  • Introduce yourself to the person next to you in your lecture
  • Ask for their phone number or to add them on Facebook (they may already be in the Countdown Facebook Group)
  • Set up a What’sapp group
  • Don’t be afraid to ask someone for a coffee (there are many coffee shops on and near campus)
  • Get involved with clubs and societies as a way to get to know new people
  • Go along to all the induction events organised by the Department (Timetable coming soon)
  • Smile!

4. Start signing up to take part in research studies as soon as possible! You need 48 credits by the end of 2ndyear and it’s much easier to get them in 1st year than 2nd year

  • You’ll be told how to sign up to studies and why you need credits during the Navigating the Timetable session during induction week.


5.Start your assignments early, even if it feels like you have ages

  • In Psychology you tend to have bigger assignments which will take longer to complete rather than small but frequent pieces of work.

49d9da07acf06ad615ae099ac4177a666. Make sure you’ve set up a student bank account and budget your money well! There is a bank on campus for those already registered with Santander.
7. Don’t forget to get registered at the doctors and dentist on campus – try to do this in the first week before you get busy.

8. Get a map of the campus (one can be downloaded on the Induction Timetable page – coming soon) – this will help you find out where your lectures are going to be and help you navigate between buildings, psychology lectures can be anywhere on campus.

9. Learn how to use Blackboard and how to access your emails within the first week, then if you have any issues you can ask the library support staff

  • This is explained during Navigating the Timetable session in Induction week
  • Lots of essential information is sent out on email so if you don’t check it everyday you will miss out


10. Chat to people on your course and in your halls before coming to university (via the Facebook groups), then you’ll know a few people before you even begin


11. Make sure you know what’s going on during Induction week, if you miss those first few meetings you’ll miss key information that you’ll need to know for the rest of your time at university

  • Keep your induction timetable on you and highlight the sessions
  • Be organised during the first week, you can easily get carried away with the excitement of everything else that is going on

12. Be prepared for Fresher’s Flu

  • Make sure you have medicine on hand for fresher’s flu
  • Drink lots of water
  • Eat fruit!
  • Get lots of sleep


13. Follow us on Twitter and Join us on Facebook

14. If you aren’t sure where you’re going or what you’re meant to be doing, don’t be afraid to ask someone – everyone is really friendly and it is normal to be a bit lost in the first
few weeks!

15. Sort out your bus pass early if you’re living in the Student Village or away from Campus


16. Plan your meals in advance, to help you budget your money well


17. Get to know your personal tutor/academic mentor! They are a great source of support and useful advice. You will find out more information about the mentors during Countdown and will also have a meeting with them in Welcome Week.

18. Make sure you know what your new address and postcode is, and where you pick up your mail – and don’t forget to get insurance to cover the contents of your room

19. Make the most of where you are living, go to the beach and explore the local area of Swansea

20. Get involved with as many opportunities as you can whilst you’re at uni, it will all look great on your CV and give you things to talk and write about when applying for jobs (for part time jobs when you are a student and also for jobs after uni). Top options for Psychology students might include