Dr Andrew Kemp

Associate Professor

Room: 707c Vivian Tower
Email: a.h.kemp@swansea.ac.uk
Twitter ID: @andrewhkemp
IMG_6331I grew up in outback Australia, studied in Melbourne and completed post-doctoral studies in cognitive neuroscience and neuropsychiatry at the University of Sydney. Not content with living my life ‘down under’,  in January 2013, I moved to Sao Paulo in Brazil, the largest city in the Southern Hemisphere to work at the University of Sao Paulo on the largest epidemiological study on health and wellbeing of the Brazilian population. Although I tried to to learn Portuguese as a second language, my daughters remind me that my efforts have been in vain.
Brazilians are a very mystical people; a neighbour of ours was a shaman, a high priest in the União do Vegetal  (Union of the Plants); the name of this religious society refers to the process of combining two Amazonian plants to produce the Ayahuasca tea that is drunk by the society’s members. I found this fascinating given emerging scientific studies on the therapeutic potential of psychedelic drugs. While ayahuasca has supposed antidepressant effects, the research on this topic is of poor quality, so it is difficult to draw conclusions from such claims.
I started working at Swansea University in 2016 and wear a few hats; most recently, I was appointed to the Research Lead post for the new Health and Wellbeing Academy. When not reading the latest publications in psychological science, I am often found riding through the forest or along the ocean front enjoying the outdoors, rain, hail or shine. The photo of me on this page was taken after a regular commute to work on a balmy Welsh summer morning.

To find Andrew go up to the 7th floor of Vivian Tower, walk through the double doors and turn left. Go down the corridor and there is another corridor off to the right. Andrew’s office is straight ahead.

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