Dr Ceri Bradshaw


Room: 933 Vivian Tower
Email: ceri.a.bradshaw@swansea.ac.uk

I have lived in Swansea all my life (except for a couple of bouts of travelling abroad and a brief period in Kent) and I have been a student and/or staff member of Swansea University for half that time!  When I occasionally manage to escape the place I love walking, swimming and taking part in water sports in Gower, often with my 10-year-old son.  I’m also a big supporter of Swansea City FC and can be found cheering or groaning (too often the latter!) in the Liberty Stadium every second Saturday.  I travel abroad whenever I get the opportunity and there is literally nowhere on earth I wouldn’t find interesting in some respect.  I haven’t quite accepted yet that I may never travel into outer space; it could still happen…


To find Ceri, go to the 9th Floor of the Vivian Tower, go through the double doors and turn left.  Walk to the end of the corridor and turn left again.  Ceri’s room is in the corner, on the right.