Dr Frederic Boy

Room: 917b Vivian Tower
Email: f.a.boy@swansea.ac.uk
  1. Ferderick BoyI can read the newspaper in, at least, 7 different languages, but only speak 3
  2. I’m a decent bricklayer, and can build a nice straight wall
  3. I’ve already dissected 2-3 human brains
  4. I have flown a real, huge, Airbus A380… simulator

I am researching how brain processes can affect how we think and feel, and particularly how the brain controls simple decision-making in health and in disease. In the lab, we are also looking at how emotion processing is modulated by neurostimulation techniques. I am also one of the founders of NeuroTherapeutics Limited, a start-up company spun out of the Institute of Life Science that develops neurorehabilitation devices.

To find Fred, go to the 9th floor of Vivian tower, walk through the double doors and turn right. Walk down the corridor and turn right again, then to the end of that corridor and right again. Continue to walk down this corridor until you get to the 3rd door on your left, turn left and Fred’s office is the one straight in front of you.

To view Fred’s Swansea University staff page click here

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