Dr Hayley Young

Senior Lecturer

Room: 901 Vivian Tower
Email: h.a.young@swansea.ac.uk


I was born in Swansea, did my PhD in Swansea and am now a senior lecturer in the Psychology department.  In a previous life I was a personal trainer and own over 500 fitness DVDs (not the celebrity kind but those that get the heart rate to over 190 beats a minute).  I am keen on keeping fit and aspire to be a contortionist – I can get my foot behind my head although my colleagues point out that it more often ends up in my mouth.  My research interests flow from my interest in health and fitness and I look at the influence of diet and the meaning that can be gained from looking at the pattern of the inter-beat intervals of the heart.  In the first year I will be teaching biological psychology and while I will not be standing on my head during lectures, you will need to look at topics from every angle!

To find Hayley, you go up to the 9th Floor of Vivian Tower, walk through the double door and turn right. Follow the corridor and turn right at the corner, then walk all the way down to the end of this section of corridor. Hayley’s office is at the end on the left.

To view Hayley’s Swansea University staff page click here.

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