Heather Watkins

Lecturer and Head of Year 1

Room: Vivian Tower 902
Email: Heather.Watkins@swansea.ac.uk
HW - bio

1.      I recently took up skiing again after a twenty year break and found out I can still do my own stunts!

2.      Friday Night Dinners is a little group I am in with some friends – we love fine food, fine wine and fine company.  Our latest theme is around the world where I will be hosting a Moroccan night.

3.      Although I enjoy sociable activities I also relish the quieter moments and enjoy reading and also am currently involved in a bit of creative writing of my own.

I am interested in understanding what constitutes ‘normal’ behaviour and also what makes people act in the way they do – particularly, the impact of emotions and beliefs on coping and health-related behaviours.  My passion is for learning and teaching and I have been working in higher education since I was a student at University.  My housemates from back then are still my very good friends – so enjoy the University life of learning, forging friendships and having a great experience!

To find Heather, you go up to the 9th Floor of Vivian Tower, walk through the double door and turn right. Follow the corridor and turn right at the corner, then walk all the way down to the end of this section of corridor. Heather’s office is at the second from the end on the left.