Dr Irene Reppa

Senior Lecturer – Head of Year 3

Room: 915b Vivian Tower
Email: i.reppa@swansea.ac.uk


Meet Miss International: I was born Greek, look Spanish, sound French, occasionally cook Thai, and live part-time in Ottawa, Canada.

I have two Yorkies, Fred and Barney, with tons of energy to expend. How? Walking, hiking, rock climbing/scrambling, digging holes and swimming are just some of our activities.  Fred and Barney also love biking and are my main audience when I practice the cello.

I love objects! I love look through antique stores- and any kind of stores, actually – and touch, smell, look at, and appreciate all sorts of objects. In the lab, I enjoy studying all things object related: how we interact with them, how we recognise and remember them, what makes us like them, and how they influence our attention and performance.

To find Irene go to the 9th floor of Vivian Tower, walk through the double doors and turn right. Walk to the end of the corridor and turn right, walk to the end of this section of corridor and turn right again. Walk to the end of this corridor and through the last door on your left, then Irene’s office is the door straight in front of you.

To view Irene’s Swansea University staff page click here.

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