Dr Jodie Davies-Thompson


Office: Vivian Tower 825


I am a cognitive neuroscientist, with an interest in face recognition and Deafness. I’m particularly interested in rehabilitation of prosopagnosia (face-blindness), and the ability of the brain to change in Deaf individuals.
In my spare time, I enjoy being in the water, including playing Underwater Hockey  (yes, it is a real sport – there are world championships in fact!), freediving (scuba diving but without the oxygen tank) and snorkelling at exotic locations surrounded by tropical fish.
My land activities include snowboarding, reading, and watching TV. I also have an interest in Deaf culture, and am currently studying for my Level 3 qualification in British Sign Language.
To find Jodie, go to the 8th floor of Vivian Tower, turn left, then left again at the end of the corridor. You will see Room 825/08 immediately next to you.
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