Dr Luke Jeffries


Office: Vivian Tower 722

Email: luke.jefferies@swansea.ac.uk

Hi, I am relatively new to Swansea too, having started here in early 2018 and I can already say I love it here. The place is very friendly and everyone is very helpful. The local area has also been excellent to explore including beautiful beaches, the mountains and many castles just over the horizon.
I mainly teach on the MSc course in Abnormal and Clinical psychology. I am very interested in all aspects of mental health and Wellbeing. My focus is on student (and young people) mental health and wellbeing. I recently worked as a Wellbeing consultant for Notes on Being Teenage by Rosalind Joan, which is an excellent and accessible book for teenagers negotiating the challenges of modern living.
I have a focus on the role of cognition in real life situations whether that be within CBT, education, driving, eating or education.
I am interested in the broad application of psychology to real world issues; clinical, counselling and educational issues. I am very interested in neuropsychology and brain injury. I am also very interested in environmental psychology.
I love traveling, seeing new places and meeting new people. A large part of my role also includes working with international students providing support and guidance.
When not in work you might find me messing about with dinosaur fossils, exploring a castle or temple or geeking out with some 80s nostalgia.
One more surreal aspect of my recent work has been considering how to survive a zombie apocalypse, see The psychologist  (Nov 2018)
To find Luke, go to the 7th Floor of Vivian Tower, walk through the double doors and turn right, walk to the end and turn right again. Luke’s office is at the end of the corridor.