Professor Simon Dymond


Room: 915a Vivian Tower

aqQ8X8GLI am a behaviour analyst, and I have always wanted to do what I do (that is, once I gave up my other possible career, as an international DJ). I studied at University College Cork, Ireland, where I had a ‘road to Damascus’ like experience when hearing of the psychology of learning for the first time. I moved to Swansea in 2005, and my lab conducts research in areas of clinical behaviour analysis and experimental psychopathology such as fear, avoidance, and gambling disorder. I am a proud Munster and Ireland rugby fan, season-ticket holder for the Scarlets, and a long suffering Everton FC fan.

To find Simon go to the 9th floor of Vivian Tower, walk through the double doors and turn right. Walk to the end of the corridor and turn right, walk to the end of this section of corridor and turn right again. Walk to the end of this corridor and through the last door on your left, then Simon’s office is the door on the right.

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