We know it’s a long way off, and at the moment you may just be happy that you have a place at university, but at some point you’ll need to start thinking about careers and employability. Luckily there is a team of people at Swansea who are there to answer your questions and offer you advice.

During your time at Swansea you’ll have the opportunity to book an appointment with a careers supervisor, this meeting will allow you to have a look over your CV and discuss what careers you might be interested in. They’ll also give you advice in what’s out there and encourage you to think about careers that you may not have come across before.  You also have the opportunity to book a mock interview, this is a really useful thing to do as it can help build your confidence with interviews, plus they’ll be able to give you constructive feedback on how you did and what you need to improve on.

You can find out more about the careers department at http://www.swansea.ac.uk/careers/

As part of your first year of your Psychology Degree, you will complete your Bronze Swansea Employability Award (SEA Award). This part of the award is based around finding out more about yourself; what you value in life, your personality type, learning styles, what jobs might suit you and then marketing yourself by creating a CV and cover letter. To finish this you then have an interview with a Careers Adviser. The Psychology Careers adviser is Rebecca Vaughan, if you wish to get in contact with her or any of our Career advisors this can be done from My Uni Hub. 

You then have the option to also achieve the Gold and Silver SEA awards in your own time. This involves getting experiences; whether it’s through volunteering or getting work experience or many other options that’s up to you. Once you’ve completed this you need to write about 2 different experiences you’ve gained and then complete a mock interview with the careers department. Getting the SEA award is a really great thing to do to enhance your CV and give you more things to talk about in interviews. A lot of people are getting degrees nowadays so it’s important to try and make your CV stand out.

You can find out more about the Swansea Employability Award at http://www.swansea.ac.uk/employability-awards/

Swansea also offers work experience opportunities through organisations such as SPIN (Swansea Paid Internship Network) and WOW (Week of Work). A SPIN placement tends to be a paid internship over the summer which can range from 4-8 weeks long. This is a great way to earn some money over the summer and experience what a graduate job might be like. The department aim to place you an internship that suits your interest areas. The WOW placement is an unpaid week of experience which is a great way to obtain some experience during term time. This is a great way to explore possible career ideas as well as obtaining skills which can be added to your CV.

You can find out more about work placements by looking at https://myuni.swan.ac.uk/work-placements/


Swansea Employability Award – Gold Award Ceremony 2015


IMG_2572Michelle Lee -Deputy Head of Department, Tania David- 1st Year Student/BPS Representative, Cara Morgan – 1st Year Student Claire Williams- Senior Lecturer, Rebecca Kinsella – 1st Year Student and Minna Ventsel – 2nd Year Student.

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