Prof Paul Bennett

Professor – Head of Department

Room: Vivian Tower 816

I am a clinical psychologist who has worked far too many years in the National Health Service as well as a number of Universities. My clinical work has largely involved working with adults with mental health problems, while my research has been almost entirely in the area of physical health problems. I am particularly interested in how people respond emotionally and cope following significant health threats such as heart attacks, cancer and pulmonary embolism.

I like to think of myself as lithe and fit… but most people would now describe me as far from this! Though I can still be seen leaving the department on my bike most days. When I am not cycling I enjoy watching TV series such as  Game of Thrones.

To find Paul, go to the 8th floor of Vivian Tower, walk through the double doors and turn right. Then turn right again at the corner and walk down the corridor turn right again. Paul’s office is opposite the Staff Kitchen (his name is on the door). Its almost all the way round from the lift.

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