Professor David Benton

Professorial Staff

Room: 908b Vivian Tower

untitled-001I have worked in the Swansea department for over forty years – more than a life sentence and no time off for good behaviour.  Although English by birth my children call themselves Welsh, although they claim to have no plans to burn down holiday homes.   My research interest is examining the influence of food on mood and cognition.  One consequence of my findings is the breakfast biscuit ‘Belvita’ –  we did some of the initial work and found that it improved memory.   I teach part of the first year courses in Biological and Individual Psychology but from time to time I have been known to lecture on Delftware and eighteenth century drug jars (not as yet as part of the first year course).  The picture is to remind you that I was once your age although others must judge whether my claim not to remember much about it is a sign of impending senility or wisdom.

To find Dave, go to the 9th floor of Vivian Tower, walk through the double doors and turn right. At the corner of the corridor turn left, Dave’s office is straight in front of you.

To view Dave’s Swansea University staff page click here

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