Professor Nicola Gray


Room: 707A.  Vivian Tower


I am a chartered Clinical and Forensic Psychologist and as well as teaching at Swansea I also run a risk assessment training organisation for Health and Social Care staff called WARRN (the Wales Applied Risk Research Network). Currently we have a network of 70 WARRN trainers working in all 7 Health Boards in Wales as well as many of the Local Authorities.  My research expertise is on risk assessment and working with mentally disordered offenders, including developing innovative techniques for assessment of sexual and violent risk. I passionately believe that my clinical work informs my research and that my research improves my clinical work.

I am originally from London and completed my PhD and clinical training at the Institute of Psychiatry and Maudsley Hospital in Camberwell. I moved to Wales in 1997 to take up a joint clinical-academic appointment at Cardiff University and the Caswell Clinic in Bridgend (once again seeking to integrate my research with my clinical practice).

I have worked extensively with the criminal and family Courts and enjoy the interface between clinical practice and the legal arena, including the challenge of conveying complex psychological ideas to a lay audience.

I have also travelled extensively and am very interested in cross-cultural approaches to mental health and offending behaviour.

To find Nicola, go to the 7th floor of Vivian Tower, walk through the double doors and turn left. Nicola’s office is 707A.


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