Psychology Society

Welcome all Psychology students and congratulations to those lucky individuals getting into Swansea University! We would like to invite everyone to join our page and get involved with the society this year!

Over the summer, we’ve been busy working on a number of projects! Our first social event will take place on 5th October. We hope to see you there. We will be giving you more information about the social during the Psychology Induction activities in Welcome Week.

We are going to be at Fresher’s Fayre on Singleton Campus on the 26th September, where you can come and meet us! Hope everyone enjoyed their summer break and we look forward to meeting (and more importantly partying) with many new faces this year!

2018/2019 Committee Members are:

President- Jack Whittington

As president, my job is to make sure the society runs smoothly for the members and the committee. Together with the rest of the committee, I’ll be ensuring that the society is a welcoming, fun, and enjoyable environment for everyone. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone, and making sure it’s another great year for the psych society!

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Vice President- Beatriz Perez

As the vice-president I’ll basically be helping the president with the society duties and making sure our social sec gets you all properly drunk, as well as helping him organise other events.



Social secretary- Henry McGlone

As social sec, I’m here to organise socials, both sober, and nights out and make sure everyone enjoys themselves during the society run events. We have many ideas in the works for upcoming socials with our first one on the 5th of October. Basically I’m here to get everyone drunk 🙂. (Except Adam, he’s more than capable of that on his own).

Treasurer- Beth Hartley

The role of treasurer consists of managing the committee’s finances and ensuring proper records are kept, allocating money to the committees organized socials, fund raisers, trips etc.

Secretary- Adam Pompa

My job is to take and organise notes, booking rooms and carrying out risk assessments. I applied for a role in the society because I loved the people that ran it last year, these guys not so much. Just kidding, love them too. And I like helping freshers getting settled in with the small amount of wisdom I acquired from a year at uni so far.


2nd Year Rep- Elena Olivia Santana

I applied for second year rep as I wanted to engage in how things are being managed and have a say. I also obviously want to make sure second years have the best time!

3rd year Rep- Randeep Dosanjh

Post Graduate Rep- Nic Evans

Previous social secretary for the Psychology Society in 2017/2018 during the final year of his degree, Nic is no stranger to being on the Psychology Society Committee.                    .




Find out more on the/Dysgwch fwy am y Student Union website.