Psychology Society

Welcome all Psychology students and congratulations to those lucky individuals getting into Swansea University! We would like to invite everyone to join our page and get involved with the society this year!

Over the summer, we’ve been busy working on a number of projects, including the new society logo which I am happy to reveal publicly now! In addition to the logo we’ve had conversations about the drinking and non-drinking socials which we’ll be putting on for you this year, we’d also like to follow up on the annual book sale making it easier to get the required reading books for the following year! We’ve been looking into the possibility of a trip to either a mental institution or possibly a zoo where they have Psych related tutorials!

We are going to be at Fresher’s Fayre on Singleton Campus on the 26th and 27th September, where you can come and meet us and see us modelling new society merchandise! Hope everyone enjoyed their summer break and we look forward to meeting (and more importantly partying) with many new faces this year!

Tom Overton —President.

It is my job to head the committee and to ensure you have the best experience at Swansea University over the course of this academic year. Within my responsibilities fall liaising with the department to ensure you get the most out of each year of your degree and also being your representative to the department. The opportunity to get involved in the committee was something I could not pass up and being able to ensure everyone gets the most from their time while at the university while having a good time at the same time.





 Nic Evans -Social Secretary

As social sec, I’ll be organizing the societies’ socials and trips. Socials are a great way to get to make friends with people on the course (especially in the first few weeks of uni) and I’ve got plenty planned, whether it’s going out in town on themed socials or a BBQ on the beach, there’ll be something for everyone. In terms of trips, we’ll be organizing a day trip to an old mental asylum, with other trips hopefully being  planned.                      .




Michael Maloney —Treasurer.

My role as Treasurers consists of managing the committee’s finances and ensuring proper records are kept, allocating money to the committees organized socials, fund raisers, trips etc. I will also work alongside the president to authorize funds being spent and paying in money that is raised.