Be a Subject Rep/ Byddwch yn Gynrychiolydd

Student Rep

Subject Reps are the people that will represent you as a year group to the department. They are the communication between your year group and the University, so if you have any issues during your time you can speak to them. You will have the chance to nominate yourself to be a rep, why not consider being a rep?

Pobl a fydd yn eich cynrychioli chi fel grŵp i’r adran yw Cynrychiolwyr Pwnc. Nhw sy’n cyfathrebu rhwng y Brifysgol a chi, felly os oes unrhyw fater yn codi yn ystod eich amser yma, gallwch drafod â nhw. Gallwch gymryd y cyfle i enwebu eich hun fel cynrychiolydd, pam na wnewch chi ystyried bod yn gynrychiolydd?


For more information about  student rep responsibilities see My Uni 

Previous Student Rep comment: 

“Being a subject rep in my first year was a valuable experience. It gave me the opportunity to see first-hand how the department of Psychology is run, and how feedback given by students is utilised to make for a better and more positive teaching and learning experience. Subject reps act as a crucial bridge between students and staff, something which is so important, especially for new students transitioning into university from further education and other environments. I believe that one of the core things that make the Psychology department so successful here at Swansea is the fact that it really is feedback-driven. The department goes above and beyond to forge strong links with students via reps to make each student’s time at Swansea as beneficial as it can be. Becoming a subject rep is an opportunity I would strongly advise any student to grab with both hands. Every year group needs a voice.” – Carys Llewellyn (1st year student rep 2014/2015) 

If you are considering being a student rep see Anita Somal’s Blog about being a student rep. Anita was Year 2 Rep in 2015/2016 before studying abroad for a year.

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