Swansea Siavonga Partnership Programme

Swansea Siavonga Partnership Programme

Joshua Hale and Sarah Losh took part in the Swansea Siavonga Partnership summer programme when they were students in the psychology department.

Here is what Josh had to say about the programme:

DSAThe Swansea – Siavonga partnership summer programme is a chance for student volunteers from Swansea University to spend a month in Zambia working on the Swansea – Siavonga partnership project. With 12 self-funded students working alongside 16 volunteers from the Siavonga Nutrition Group and joined in our last week by 10 students from the University of Zambia.

Siavonga, Zambia is one of the poorest districts in the world (ranked 164th out of 77 countries) There is only 25% of the population in formal employment and 30% with no access to a balanced diet.  Siavonga has a population of 74,000 and 60% female illiteracy. Our project focuses around 5 themes; health, sustainability, livelihoods, education and environment.

cfCFOne of the workshops Sarah and I ran was a first aid class to orphans at Namumu Orphanage. We taught 27 children what to do if someone is choking and the management of an unconscious casualty. We also ran workshops around mental health, maths for business, burns managements and gender equality to local women’s groups. In the month we were out there we achieved so much it’s impossible to list them all but of my favourite achievements was the painting of a school with children’s rights.

The experience was absolutely amazing and cannot wait to go again! If you would like to go on the summer programme then the applications normally go out around Christmas keep an eye on Discovery Student Volunteering as they will be posting about it!