Useful Links/Dolenni cyswllt defnyddiol

You may find these links useful:

Efallai y bydd y dolenni hyn yn ddefnyddiol:


Swansea Psychology Countdown University Pages/ Tudalennau Countdown Seicoleg Prifysgol Abertawe

For the University Psychology Countdown page follow this link:

Ar gyfer y tudalennau Countdown am Seicoleg Abertawe

Swansea University Psychology Society/ Cymdeithas Seicoleg Prifysgol Abertawe

To join the Psychology Society facebook page follow this link:

Psychology Department/ Adran Seicoleg

For the Psychology Department homepage follow this link:

Ar gyfer hafan yr Adran Seicoleg, dilynwch y ddolen hon:

To follow the Psychology Department on twitter:

To follow the Collage of Human and Health Sciences on twitter:

Library Support for Psychology/Cefnogaeth i’r Llyfrgell ar gyfer Seicoleg

For more information about Swansea University library and the support offered to Psychology students visit:

Am ragor o wybodaeth am lyfrgell Prifysgol Abertawe a’r gefnogaeth a gynigir i fyfyrwyr Seicoleg ewch i:

Psychology Undergraduate Blogs/ Blogau Israddedig Seicoleg

We have one Psychology student blogger at Swansea:

Anita, who has now graduate, read her previous blog posts such as staying safe during freshers.


British Psychological Society (BPS)

For more information about the British Psychological Society follow this link:

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